Outside on the steps




We visited  the Newport police station with some of our homeschool friends. The first stop was the conference room. Then we met the chief police.

With cheif police

He does not go after the bad guys. He does work and is the boss of the officers. He told all about his job including his many meetings. Next we went to the meeting room. There was a presentation going on inside the room. We did not stay in that long. Next, we went to the firing target room. After that, we went to the visitor room. If their was someone in jail a relative could talk to them behind a glass window. From there, we went to the Juvy holding room.

Thank you for your service, police officers!  I appreciate you for keeping us safe. 

Kids would go in there if they did something wrong. They wouldn’t get to leave until their parents picked them up.

In the juvy holding room.

We also went inside a jail cell with only a drinking fountain and a toilet.


The jail was only holding one prisoner. We met an officer and he talked about his taser. It locks the criminals’ bones for five seconds. Next we went to the 911 room. After that we took some pictures and our field trip was over.


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Angel Stadium

We arrived  to Angel Stadium for a field trip with our homeschool group and took a tour.

First, we looked at the world champion trophy.  Next, we took an elevator to the press conference room. They have meetings and team drafts there. We also went to the announcer’s box and the Gene Autry room. After that, we took an elevator down to the opponent’s locker room. There was a whole small room with candy for the players.

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 Also, there was a bathroom full of toiletries.


The  hospitality suites could fit twelve people and cost $250,000. It is mainly for businesses. We went to the Angels’ dugout. In the past, the team swung their bats and broke the walls.

 We had such a fun tour!



We went to Disneyland with our friends. First, we rode California Screamin’ two times.

On California Screamin’

Then, we rode Radiator Springs Racers. Next, we rode The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

On Tower of Terror drop ride.

To all the fans of Tower of Terror, it will be closing January 2nd.   After that, we ate a Mickey sourdough bread for dinner.

We also got a milkshake at Ghirardelli. And for our last ride – Toy Story Mania! We waited a in  a 45 minute line. It was worth it.

Annul pass holders club

After Toy Story Mania, we left Disneyland.