Sturbridge Village

 One of my favorite days on our New England vacation was Sturbridge Village.

It is a recreated village during the 1830’s.


At the water wheel used to power the mill.



With horse and carriage, we rode through the village.


We looked into the the old houses and mills and saw skilled craftsmen at work.

Watching a shoemaker at work!!


My favorite part was Kidstory. We dressed up as colonial people. I was the mom, John was the dad, and Sarah was the daughter. We cooked supper. I washed and dried the clothes. John wouldn’t wear the vest, but that was okay. Sarah weeded and took care of the animals. John had a store, planted the food and chopped the firewood. I washed the dishes and clothes, made supper and harvested the plants.

After that we ate a delicious dinner at Cracker Barrel. It was so much fun.


Funny Daddy!!!!!!!


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