Adventures at Tucker

A couple days ago on a beautiful spring day,  we  went to Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary with homeschool friends.  We had a picnic, went on a hike and played a little. The picnic was the first thing we did. Mom gave me a sandwich. I ate about half of it and all of my Easter Cheetohs. Seriously, Thomas announced safety rules.


“And remember not to get mauled by a bear!” Kaleb exclaimed.

Then, we all set off happily on a four-mile hike.walking-copy

We saw two garter snakes, a rattlesnake, a water snake and a Pacific Ring Neck.

Luke almost got bit by a rattlesnake which was really close to him. It was also very loud. Luckily, Luke wasn’t bit. Lucas touched the sting nettle when he was told not to. We had to stomp because it was snake area.

We loved the swimming hole. When we were almost there, we had to walk on dry rocks.  Upon arrival, we saw a water snake.


Also, Lindey caught a newt.  Newts are poisonous.


There were lots of bees. Thomas had a tiny filter and started filtering the water. It tasted really sweet.  We climbed on the rocks, and I fell in the water a couple times. The water in the hole was cold. We also saw water spiders. John and Thomas went bouldering. In the summer, the watering hole is dried up.

When we returned, the fun continued. One mom bought us an ice cream. We also did the free crafts.  Then, we drove to the park. The girls played kitty while the boys played flag football. We walked into the fire station because some of us ,not including me, had to go to the bathroom. Then, we drove back home.  As you can see we had an awesome time.


Sturbridge Village

 One of my favorite days on our New England vacation was Sturbridge Village.

It is a recreated village during the 1830’s.


At the water wheel used to power the mill.



With horse and carriage, we rode through the village.


We looked into the the old houses and mills and saw skilled craftsmen at work.

Watching a shoemaker at work!!


My favorite part was Kidstory. We dressed up as colonial people. I was the mom, John was the dad, and Sarah was the daughter. We cooked supper. I washed and dried the clothes. John wouldn’t wear the vest, but that was okay. Sarah weeded and took care of the animals. John had a store, planted the food and chopped the firewood. I washed the dishes and clothes, made supper and harvested the plants.

After that we ate a delicious dinner at Cracker Barrel. It was so much fun.


Funny Daddy!!!!!!!


Weatherall State Park!!

 One of my favorite days on our New England vacation was Weatherall State Park in Jamestown, Rhode Island. It had a breathtaking view. There were plenty of gorgeous rocks. We threw rocks into the water and swam. My sister and I met two dogs and played fetch with them. We climbed onto rocks and collected acorns. The acorns were not ripe so they looked liked grapes with a hat.

I found pretty rocks!!



We also went to Beavertail State Park. We saw crazy waves. Also, a baby  Pacific Ringneck snake.

 After that, we had Del’s Lemonade. Then, we ate dinner at Iggy’s.

Enjoying ice cream!! 


As you can see, it was awesome.