Halloween Costume

Boo! Halloween is coming, and you are probably searching for a costume. I know a costume that may work. The sizes are 4-10 or (4-6 and 8-10.) It will cost between $30 to $40. You can also get it at Walmart for $27.55. It is a cute pirate costume!!


And for the pros and cons:


  • Fits great!
  • It comes with everything it says it comes with.
  • Has Amazon Prime so you can get free shipping.


  • It can get a little itchy.
  • You have to tie the bandana.

On Amazon, it is rated four and a half (4 1/2) stars. Overall, this would be a great costume.

Okay mates, I hope you have a wonderful Halloween!



Halloween at Disneyland With Our Friends!!!!

A couple days ago, we enjoyed  Disneyland with our friends for the Halloween celebration.

We received Fastpasses to Ghost Galaxy and rode the Haunted Mansion Holiday. It was one of my friend’s first times, but she liked it. Even though there  was a fifty minute wait, it was worth it. First, we ventured into the Stretchy Room. It is an elevator that leads underground. On the ride, we saw dancing ghosts wearing Christmas hats. Additionally, we saw some singing flowers.

After that, we headed over to Small World. Our friends came out to meet us.

While they were talking, we skipped over to the to Clarabelle’s hand-scooped ice cream shop in California Adventure. You can get one big scoop for $4.99. Also you can get two big scoops for $5.49. It comes with a waffle cone or cup for no charge.  As we were eating our ice cream, we met our friends.

Ice Cream at Disneyland

After that, we rode California Screamin’. To our surprise, we got to ride it two times because the line was short.

Next, we rode Toy Story Mania. It feels like you are in a 3-d video game arcade. I earned a bird. It is the 3rd level.

Next, we rode the Golden Zephyr. I took a video, but it didn’t turn out good because it was dark.

On Golden Zephyr

After that, we rode Jumping Jellyfish where you go up and down like Tower of Terror. It is slower and smaller, though. Last of all, we rode Ghost Galaxy and walked to the car. What is Ghost Galaxy? Click this link to read my previous post about it.

We had such a great day!!!!!!!!

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