FAQ: California Screamin’

Welcome to my FAQ of my favorite ride in Disney’s theme parks, California Screamin’.

Is it scary?

No, certainly not. It is the best ride ever. Some people do get scared on it, though.


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If you are scared you will look like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What is the best part?

The loop. You can see California Adventure upside down.


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This is the old California Screamin loop. Now the loop is a sun.


What is the scariest part?

The 108 ft. drop.


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The big hill is the 108 ft. drop.


If I was afraid of heights, would I like it?

No, this coaster’s highest point is 108 ft.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you learned about California Screamin’.


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Thanks for reading!!


Product Review: Limited Edition Tower of Terror Pin

Since Tower of Terror is closing,  I went to the gift shop to purchase some merchandise. One of the things I got was the Tower of Terror pin. It is only for annual pass holders, like me, and opens and closes.


This is the inside of the pin.


This pin is the coolest I have seen so far. It has Mickeys on the back and is shaped like a suitcase. If you have passes, I would hurry and get it.

In a couple years, this pin will be worth more money.  If you are not an annual pass holder but want a pin, you can get a Tower of Terror pin that everyone can get. Disney does not sell the pin anywhere else but the Tower of Terror gift shop.

I would get this pin or the other one. Thank you for stopping by CommuniKate.



Thanks for stopping by CommuniKate!!