I Love Foxes

I love foxes and had an earlier post about them!

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I also have a presentation about foxes. I started to love foxes when I first saw a fox stuffie. I did a couple reports on them such as my Artic Fox one. Foxes are my favorite animal.

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I think people should realize that they are endangered. My favorite type is the gray  fox that lives by my house in southern California. Foxes are amazing animals, and I am very interested in these amazing creatures.

Survival Field Trip

We arrived in Silverado Canyon for a survival field trip which included building a shelter.


In front of our shelter.


We learned about what we could eat if we were lost. Also, we saw a swarm of bees moving their home and protecting the queen bee.


We walked a little bit on the pavement and followed a narrow path to a clearing.

At the clearing, we collected big sticks to make a shelter. It was very hard. First, we had to take the biggest stick and tie it to smaller sticks. Then, we put branches as walls and piled them up till there were no more cracks. After that, we put on leaves to fill in the holes. All of us went into the shelter, but the oak leaves hurt.


We had a great day and did not encounter any rattlesnakes. Thank you for stopping by CommuniKate!!