Video Game Review: Animal Jam

If you are looking for a fun video game, other than Minecraft, you should look up Animal Jam. It’s  very fun. Plus, it’s free. I would rate it 4 1/2 stars. One of the things I don’t like about it is sometimes there are “Monkeys only Party”, and if you are not a monkey you can’t go. Another pro is, in some ways, it is educational.

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If you  want to receive exclusive stuff, then get a membership. The membership cost money, but I would get it for cool things.

Here are some cool things that a membership does:

  • You get to buy more animals than 2
  • You get to pick from more animals
  • You can buy everything if you have enough money
  • You can go to most of the parties


  • Image result for animal jam public domain

This is not an app. If you search animal jam it will pop up. What if you don’t have an account? Don’t worry,  just click the “Play Now” button and register your account. Be sure to remember your password and username.  Jam on!!

Image result for animal jam public domain

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