My 9th Birthday Party

I had super fun at my 9th birthday party on the beach. While we were waiting for the guests to arrive, my brother, sister, dad and I played frisbees and football. After about 35 minutes, people started to arrive.


The streak in the water is Catalina island.


Once almost everyone had arrived, we started to open presents.

I received 2 Nerf guns, an art kit, and 3 coloring books, a dress, and a shirt, a million cards, an ant farm, a flower design kit, $50, and lip balm. After we opened the presents, we ate cupcakes. There were 24 vanilla cupcakes with blue frosting, 24 chocolate cupcakes with green frosting and 6 red velvet cupcakes with white frosting.


I am reading one of my birthday cards.


A little while after the cupcakes, we went down to the beach. All of us ran deep into the water and kept on falling over.

My knee got hit by a rock. So, I went back up to the lawn to eat some cupcakes and chips. After a while, everybody came up so we played some more. We finished up the food, and some of the families started to go.

We had a great time, and I will probably have my birthday party there next year.