Thanksgiving Trip up the Coast of California: Day 1

We had so much fun on our Thanksgiving vacation up the central coast of California. We left on Wednesday morning with no traffic. Our first stop was the Ventura mall. We ate at Jersey Mike Subs for lunch. Jersey Mike Sub is basically a Subway but better. This mall overlooks the the Pacific Ocean.

After we had eaten our fill, we headed back onto the freeway. Next, we went to see Mom’s old church and apartment in Ventura. We discovered a grassy park so we decided to play football and frisbee there. There were real poinsettias trees blooming. The park had great views of the Pacific Ocean and Channel Islands.

Next, we decided to go to the Santa Barbra Misson. We took a wrong turn and found ourselves in a playground.


We played there for a while climbing the trees and huge boulders. We also saw a gopher popping out of his hole and eating. The park was so fun!!

After the park, we finally made it to the Santa Barbra Mission. We saw the doors to the place they had mass. The Mission was very pretty.




We hit the freeway for a while.

Our next stop was Solvang. The village was settled more than a century ago by Danish immigrants.  The first thing we did there was eat danishes. I selected some type of mocha cake.


The treats were very tasty.


It was super good but very rich. We explored the little town and went window shopping.

There was even a place called “Kate’s Yogurt”!!


Solvang was super fun and ,if you ever go up the coast, you must go there. Overall, I think day 1 was great.

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