Guide Dog Literacy Class

Have you ever wondered about guide dogs? Well, you can learn about them in one of my past experiences. My brother, John, and I met some friends for a class. Ms. Joy, our teacher, was mostly blind so she needed a guide dog.


Our first activity was “Mystery Box”. It is a game where you are blindfolded and try to figure out what you feel in the box. It was very fun. Shortly after, we practiced walking with a cane. It helps detect bumps and other things.


Next, Roja, the guide dog, had to walk through pretzels without eating them. She was awarded an A+! After that, we distracted Roja as she walked through a path. She did very well. Following that, we broke into groups. I was with Hannah. We took turns being different things.

Next, we presented on an assigned work dog. Hannah and I did Mia. We won first place for best presentation. Later, a puppy training to be a guide dog came. We learned about guide dogs in training. There were pictures and videos of Cilla, the guide dog puppy in training.

After Cilla, we took turns being a dog and handler with our partner. We had a very fun day!!!!

Ms. Joy’s website is:

Double Vision Blog


Her website


Christmas Performance at the Senior Home

With our field trip group, we performed  a Christmas show at the senior home. We were the first ones to arrive. Mrs. Terry announced some things, then I played “Jingle Bells” on the flute.

Next, we all sang “Jingle Bells”. I also was in “Away in a Manger”. John (Jots by John) played the music on the piano.


My brother, John, played “Joy to the World” on the piano.


After the performance, we drove to Fashion Island for dinner. I had Chick – Fil – A. We also looked at the toys at Barnes and Noble. After that, we walked through Balboa Island looking at the Christmas decorations.

Most of the kids, including me, played zombie tag in the sand. It was very fun. We walked to our cars tired and thirsty. We had a super busy and awesome day!!

The Window Washer

One cold autumn day, the manager of Workday called the Window Cleaning Industry.
He said,” You need to clean the 100th floor.”
The worker replied,”That’s too tall.”
“Not compared to the 1,023 floors in this building,” he added.
So, the man took the elevator to the 100th floor. Then, he opened the window and went out. He saw a swimming pool so he jumped in. When the manager came to check on him, he was not there. I’m going to relax in the pool and think about this, he thought. But, when he got into the pool, he saw the window washer lazily floating on a raft. Then he sent him back up. Finally, the work was finished! The worker didn’t get $30. He only received $15 for being lazy.

The End