Product Review: Rapid Red Blaster, Nerf Rebelle

I ordered the Rapid Red Blaster by Nerf Rebelle. It comes with 6 Rebelle darts and 6 messenger darts.


This blaster is also motorized. There are two buttons. The one on the left starts up the motor.


This is the size of the gun.


I would rate this gun about 4 stars. Here are the pros and cons:


I will blast  your face off.



  •  Has a motor
  • Comes with a 12 dart clip
  • Comes with lots of darts
  • Has a tactical rail
  • Super easy to get darts out the jam door



12 dart clip



  • It gets jammed a lot
  • Jam door is hard to open
  • The gun is heavy
  • Sometimes it won’t shoot


The pink thing at the top is a jam door.


Of course, this gun does have its pros and cons. However, it works well and shoots quickly.


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