Thanksgiving Trip up the Coast of California: Day 2

Our second day on the Central California  Coast was super fun.


The first thing we did was see the monarch butterflies.  There were tons of them in the trees. There was one also on the fence super close to me. The butterflies will stay there for the winter.  They were very cool.

Next, we went to Dinosaur Cave park. It had a great view of the Pacific Ocean. I played on the tire swing for a little while with my siblings.

After that, Dad and I  played football on the grassy lawn. Dinosaur Cave Park was super fun!!

Next to the freeway there were tons of cows grazing. We saw one close up but he did not look happy. (He had views of the ocean!?) With the cows at Hearst Ranch, there were zebras grazing.

The 3rd to last stop was “The Elephant Seals”!! There were a couple juvenile males. The rest were females. If you go, you may see them flipping sand on themselves. Why do they flip sand on themselves? It works as  sunscreen.

Now, this is a super cool stop. Moonstone Beach!! With great climbing trees, colorful pebbles, and a cave, we had a blast playing there.

Our next stop was the Madona Inn. It is like a castle inside and the rooms are super cool. We did not stay at the Madona Inn.

Next, we had lunch at the Ragged Point. It was Thanksgiving.  Cheeseburgers instead of turkey!! We took the 1 which is a long freeway with an ocean view.


Lots of car commercials are filmed on the 1 on the Big Sur coast. Our last stop was Starbucks. I got the Christmas Ice Ginger Loaf. Day 2, Thanksgiving,  was another super fun day!!!

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Book Review: The City of Ember, by Jeanne DuPrau

My favorite book ever is The City of Ember. Right now,  I am reading the 2nd book, The People of Sparks. 

WARNING: spoiler alert! 



The underground city of Ember is dying. Lina and Doon try to find a way out. Then, just like magic, they found “The Instructions”. Lina’s little sister, Poppy chewed on them. Will Lina and Doon ever find the way out?

I would rate this book five stars. If you love adventures or are looking for a book, you should get it. You can buy this on Amazon for $3.94 + tax. This is a great book, and I would recommend it.

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If you buy Ember through the link I will get money back. There is no extra charge for you.

Interview: My brother, John

My brother, John, is awesome! So, I have decided to interview him.

(me) What is your favorite color?

(John) Blue


(me) What is your favorite game – video game?

(John)  My  favorite board game is Risk, and my favorite video game is Minecraft.



(me) What is your first memory?

(John) The first and biggest hill on Pirates of the Carribean at Disneyland.


(me) What do you want for Christmas most?

(John) 2010 Hogwarts from Harry Potter


(me) What is your favorite movie?

(John) Harry Potter


(me) What is one of your hobbies?

(John) Reading, Nerf wars

So, that is my brother,  John. His blog is JotsbyJohn.