Product Review: Nerf Rebelle CornerSight Blaster

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I received this Nerf Gun at my 9th birthday party.

Here are some pros and cons:


  1. Shoots far
  2. Has good aim
  3. Easy to cock
  4. Light – weight
  5. Secret storage at the bottom


  1. Comes with only  four darts
  2.  Mirror aiming is not accurate


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On Amazon, this gun cost $15.99 + tax.

I would rate this gun 4 stars. This gun is also great with Nerf Rebelle’s Mini Mischief. I use this gun a lot for Nerf gun fights with my siblings. Christmas is coming up so maybe you could put it on your Christmas list. If you like this gun, please comment. If you know some cool ones,  tell me  in the comments.

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If you buy the Cornersight through the link, I will get some money back. There is no extra charge for you.


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