Thanksgiving Trip up the Coast of California: Day 3

I had a blast on day three up the central coast of California and would like to tell you why.  Our first stop was McShane’s Nursery in Salinas.


My dad is friends with Mr. McShane so we stopped there to see his nursery.  We got to feed the fish!

Next, we got to see the playful sea otters. They were super cute. People were kayaking right next to those cuddly creatures.


Look at those little otters.


Now here is the best stop, Henry Cowell State Park!!!! First, we walked through the redwoods.


cowell-looking-up-highMy favorite tree is the one that once fit 80 people. You could walk inside it.`

Also, the banana slugs were cool. You can see them all throughout the park. The are yellow, slimy slugs that are poisonous. If you eat them,  your face will puff up and be all swollen. The yellow on the slug means, “Go away. I am poisonous!”

There was also an albino tree. It had white leaves.


Next, we went to the logging town there. It is next door at Roaring Camp Railroad. Many redwoods used to be cut for their strong, firm wood. I gobbled a grilled cheese and hot chocolate. It was freezing so the hot chocolate was definitely a good choice.

There was also a blacksmith shop, a steam train, and tons of other stuff.

Our final stop was The Giant Dipper roller coaster at the seaside Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Since only my brother, John, and I like big roller coasters ( my sis likes them but she is not tall enough), we rode on it together. It is super fun.


Day 3 was my favorite day, and I loved it!

Want to read about day 2? Click here.

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