Christmas Performance at the Senior Home

With our field trip group, we performed  a Christmas show at the senior home. We were the first ones to arrive. Mrs. Terry announced some things, then I played “Jingle Bells” on the flute.

Next, we all sang “Jingle Bells”. I also was in “Away in a Manger”. John (Jots by John) played the music on the piano.


My brother, John, played “Joy to the World” on the piano.


After the performance, we drove to Fashion Island for dinner. I had Chick – Fil – A. We also looked at the toys at Barnes and Noble. After that, we walked through Balboa Island looking at the Christmas decorations.

Most of the kids, including me, played zombie tag in the sand. It was very fun. We walked to our cars tired and thirsty. We had a super busy and awesome day!!

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