Guide Dog Literacy Class

Have you ever wondered about guide dogs? Well, you can learn about them in one of my past experiences. My brother, John, and I met some friends for a class. Ms. Joy, our teacher, was mostly blind so she needed a guide dog.


Our first activity was “Mystery Box”. It is a game where you are blindfolded and try to figure out what you feel in the box. It was very fun. Shortly after, we practiced walking with a cane. It helps detect bumps and other things.


Next, Roja, the guide dog, had to walk through pretzels without eating them. She was awarded an A+! After that, we distracted Roja as she walked through a path. She did very well. Following that, we broke into groups. I was with Hannah. We took turns being different things.

Next, we presented on an assigned work dog. Hannah and I did Mia. We won first place for best presentation. Later, a puppy training to be a guide dog came. We learned about guide dogs in training. There were pictures and videos of Cilla, the guide dog puppy in training.

After Cilla, we took turns being a dog and handler with our partner. We had a very fun day!!!!

Ms. Joy’s website is:

Double Vision Blog


Her website