The Sailing Adventure

At sailing, we adventured on a big keelboat because the winds were too strong for the little boats. There were two floors. The first floor is where you walk in. It is the deck. The bottom floor has 2 sofas, 2 beds, 1 seat, and storage compartments. When we were in the ocean, our boat started rocking like crazy! It was very fun like a roller coaster. Some kids didn’t like it. One of them even started to cry!

About 5 minutes after we turned around, we got stuck in mud! The place with mud should have been marked, but it wasn’t. A worker from the Newport Seabase came to try to get us out, but that did not work.

We had to call the Coast Guard so all the kids could get off. The reason was because we needed the boat to be lighter. Luckily, they got us out and “We lived happily ever after”.

Angels and Ducks

Angels and Ducks?

My dad took us to Anaheim Ducks and Angels night at the Honda Center. First, we got the free Ducks T-shirts. Once we had gotten into the gate, we ordered churros and hot cocoa. Inline image 1The Honda Center, where the Ducks play,  has 200,000 square feet of marble. After we had eaten our food, we went excitedly to our seats. The Anaheim Ducks and  Edmonton Oilers came out to practice on the rink. We watched them. Then, a lady came out and sang our national anthem and the Canadian one.

Inline image 1

Finally, the game started. It was awesome. After a while, we went to get a snack. I got a hotdog, apple juice, and animal crackers.

Inline image 1

Sadly, the Oilers won 4 to 0, but I am very glad that we went.

Inline image 1


The Reptile Museum

For one of our field trips, we went to the Ecovivariun Reptile Museum.


They had lizards, snakes, and a turtle. My favorite creature was an amethyst python. The snake was huge!!!

There was a lizard who was in a house while it was on fire. It survived, but its front toes were burned and its nails won’t grow back again. 😦


They had a little lizard named Sugar which stood on all of our heads.

ecov-sarah-sugar2 The amethyst python is so strong that it can stand up. Also, there was a big lizard that was so sad we left him he wouldn’t come out until Griffin went back. I call him “The Flying Lizard” because his leash had bat wings on it.

The reptile museum was very fun.