SubZero Ice Cream and Yogurt

At SubZero Ice Cream in Laguna Niguel, we had a field trip about chemistry. They make the ice cream with nitrogen. Nitrogen is 321 degrees below 0!

Before class began, we ordered our ice cream. There were 12 cotton candy, 11 chocolate, and 7 vanilla.

Next, we put nitrogen in a water bottle, and it exploded.

Then, we put a flower in the nitrogen for 5 seconds.


When we took it out, the flower was hard and you could break it. After that, we held signs that meant “Heat and pressure = Temperature.”

If you feel nitrogen for less than a second,  you will be fine. Everybody put their finger in. Mr. Terry put his finger in for a little longer. It hurt more.

After that, we put a balloon in nitrogen. It turned flat and hard, but then it reinflated.


Next, we put a balloon on a bottle of nitrogen. It got super big and popped.

Then, we made a cloud! It was giant and fun to play in!

After that, we ate our ice cream. I chose cotton candy flavor with gummy bears.

Finally, we played tag. The SubZero ice cream field trip was super fun!!

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  1. Fun experience with liquid nitrogen! Glad you didn’t leave you finger in very long or it may have turned out the flower and balloon. 🙂

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