Have you ever visited a chocolate factory? For one of our field trips, we went to ChocXO in Irvine. They have some of the finest beans in the world from Latin America.

First, we learned about the fruit and got to eat some of it. It tasted weird but sweet. If other fruits trees, like bananas or mangoes, grew by it, the chocolate would get that taste.

Next, we learned about fermenting. They let the fruit sit for a certain amount of time.


Right after fermenting, they dry the fruit.

dry big sign

Next, they roast and grind the chocolate.


We got to taste it ground, but it did not taste the best. After grinding was refine. They put the sugar in there. Next was conch. They mixed up the butter and chocolate. Finally, we got to taste 5 different types of chocolate. The field trip was super fun…….. and yummy.