I love pranks and would like to share some with you.

Image result for trolling faceCheesy Ice Cream

What you need: Blue Cheese, bowl, and vanilla or swirl ice cream.

This prank is very simple but really good. All you need to do is offer your victim ice cream. Put blue cheese at the bottom of the bowl and then top it with vanilla or swirl ice cream. (Vanilla is better.) Also, make sure to melt the cheese a little or smash it. Watch your victim, and you will see them surprised with the yucky ice cream!!


Image result for vanilla ice cream

Money is For ME!!!

What you need: A 20 dollar bill or more, and a friend or sibling.

This prank is also very simple. When you go walking with your friend (or sibling),  lag behind a little. Drop one of the bills. Yell,” Look what I found!!” Your victim will be jealous because they walked right past some money!!

Image result for 100 dollar bill

Can’t Drink

What you need: A straw and a cup.

Offer your victim a drink. When they say yes, go get it. Grab the cup and fill it with water. Take a straw and poke tiny holes in it. Then give it to your victim, and watch them having a hard time drinking.

Image result for straw with holes

Messy Wall

What you need: Invisible tape and markers or paint.

The best time to do this is when your victim is out of the house or sleeping. Put the tape on the wall. Next, get your markers or paint and start to draw or paint. When your victim comes and sees it, they will freak out. Start peeling off the tape and laugh.

Image result for messy wall

Flipped Computer

What you need: A computer.

This prank is easy. All you need to do is go to your victim’s computer. (This doesn’t work for a Chromebook.) Hold down ctrl-alt-down (Which is the down arrow.) You can also do this sideways with the sideway keys. To switch it back, you hit ctrl-alt-up.

Image result for flipped screen comp

Chromebook Contrast

What you need: A Chromebook.

This is a piece of cake. Take your victim’s Chromebook and hit shift-search-H. The search is the one with a magnifying glass. It’ll make it weird colors. To turn it back to normal, hit the same thing.

Image result for contrast chrome book

If you know any pranks, tell me in the comments bellow. I may post them.


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