Thanksgiving Trip: Day 1

For our Thanksgiving travels, we went to northern California.

On day one, we woke up at four in the morning. One hour later, we got into our car and headed to northern California. It was a pretty boring drive up the 5. Some of it was scenic, but we played video games.

Now here comes the actual fun part. We finally made it to the Computer History Museum. There was this cool demo of a self-driving car. Also, there were games like PacMan, Pong, and the first video game ever which was a space game. There was a place where you could listen to noises and a Wikipedia game. There was a room with the first computer. It was giant! I’m so glad that I can use a laptop. There was even an exhibit with robots. We also went to an IBM demonstration. My grandfather used to work for IBM.

After that, we went to Google headquarters just to look around. They had yellow bicycles and some hiking trails. We took pictures at a Google truck which is right down there.

Our final stop, before the hotel, was Apple headquarters. They even had a store there. In the store, we could test out iPads, iPhones and Apple watches. The only things I tested out were the iPhone X and iPhone 8. I didn’t really like the X because when I try to swipe to get home, it takes me a couple tries. That’s why I like the iPhone 8 more.

After that, we checked into our hotel. They had free dinner just for that day. Tacos! They even had beer and wine. Obviously, I’m not old enough to drink that, though.

Day one was super fun!