My Sailing Regatta

On Sunday, I sailed in a regatta. What’s a regatta? It’s a sailboat race. In the regatta, I sailed an RS Tera. Those are my favorite sailboats. So, now let me tell you about the regatta.


We rigged our boats and waited a while for the other people to rig. Rigging is when you hoist the sail and and prepare the boat. When it was time to leave the dock, we sailed out to the race committee boat. Finally, it was my fleet’s turn to race. I raced my brother John, who was on an RS Tera, a Laser, and a Sabot. In the first race, I did pretty well. I came in 2nd! In the second race, I got last :(. Funny thing is, in the second race John capsized. LOL! Capsizing is when the boat flips turns over.  We were gonna do one more race, but something happened. My boat floated away from the dock! The lifeguard got it, and we sailed in.


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Game Review: Roblox

I love Roblox and am excited to review it.

What’s really cool about this game is that it’s super fun and free. You can even make your own game and let people play it. They have thousands, maybe millions of games created by kids mostly. Here are the main elements on Roblox.

  • Friends

You can send friend requests to people. They can decline or accept. If they are playing, you can easily join their game. There is also a chat for you and your friends. For security measures, they resrict numbers, names, etc.

Screenshot (2)

  • Games

Like I said, Roblox has so many games. My favorite, which is MeepCity, is soooo fun. You can search games you want to play. The most popular are Jail Break, MeepCity, and Fashion Famous. There are many more, and you can make your own.

Screenshot (4)

  • Avatar

Awesomly, with Roblox there are endless choices to customize your avatar. Most things cost Robux, which cost REAL money, but you can find some cute things that are free! I have Robux.

Screenshot (5)

  • Robux

Robux are useful, and you can use them on a lot of stuff. Like I said in the avatar part, most things cost robux. Robux cost real money, but you can use them on V.I.P. for games and much more. I am part of the Builder’s Club, that cost money, but it gives you 15 Robux a day.

Screenshot (6)

As you can see, I love Roblox, and I recommend it.


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