The Ball Python

Do you want to learn about ball pythons?? Well, just read this post to find out about them!!

Ball pythons, also known as the “royal python”, are found in sub-Saharan Africa. They are a non-venomous constrictor and can grow up to 6 feet long. A lot of people ask, “Why does it have ball in its name?” Well, the answer is because when it’s very, very scared, it curls into a ball. Males can get up to 5.5 feet while females can get up to 6 feet.

  • Diet

In the wild, they eat shrews, mice, and rats. Also, some younger pythons may eat birds.

  • Reproduction

The female lays three to eleven rather large leathery eggs. The eggs hatch after fifty-five to sixty days. Python eggs are incubated by the female under the ground.


Image result for ball python egg
Baby ball pythons coming out of eggs.


  • Pets

Ball pythons are great pet snakes because they are small and very docile. Another reason why they are great pets is that they are rated in the top five best pet snakes.

Ball pythons are AWESOME!!!

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My 100th Post: Sailing Regatta

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Today I have a post that I really want to share, so here I am. It’s about my sailing regatta! If you don’t know what a regatta is, it’s a race. Oh, and this is my 100th post. Woo-Hoo!  One more announcement: the giveaway closes tomorrow.  Now, let’s read about the regatta.

I just tacked, so I’m switching hands.

When we arrived, everyone was just lingering around. I got my course chart and helped rig the Sabots. Next, we had our skippers’ meeting. They told us what buoys were which, and I went to rig my Tera. John and Sarah went to rig their Expo. We headed out to the start line and sailed around. Finally, fleet A started their race. Next came fleet B. Then, finally, my fleet, fleet C, started. We raced to X mark, L mark, and then finish. After that, we sailed to the East Beach dock and had a break.



It was very hot, so we stopped at the water fountain. After that, most of the Juniors sat under a tree. We all ate Deagen’s lunch. Then, we headed back out. We had another race with the same course, and the last course was X-L-X and then finish.


We sailed in and went into the club room. There was a chili cook-off. Eleven people brought chili. While everyone was eating, all the juniors went downstairs and outside. We played hide-and-seek and cops and robbers. Finally, we were called up for the race results. They did the results for C fleet first. That was my fleet. Third place went to Ryan. Second place went to Deagen, and the first place went to…..drumroll, please….Griffin. I got fourth place, so I was pretty close. Anyway, all those boys are older than me. After the results, we hopped in the car and headed home. Oh, and we played video games.

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D.I.Y. Slime

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Happy National Look-Alike Day and National Chinese Language Day.

Today, guys, I have another exciting post: D.I.Y. Slime! I made this recipe up…..I mean, I’m sure someone had made it before, but I discovered this for myself. This recipe is very easy and makes nice slime. Oh, and we’re almost to 50 followers! Please follow.

Ingredients: Clear glue, shaving gel, food coloring and glitter (optional)


  1. Pour 2 cups of clear glue into a bowl
  2. Put 1 cup of shaving gel into the bowl
  3. Mix the ingredients together for 10 seconds
  4. Add food coloring and glitter (optional)
  5. Mix till it starts to form, and then knead

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