More Pranks

April Fool’s passed a couple day ago, but read this, and you’ll be prepared for the next one.

Jelly Beans are Gross

What you need: Bean Boozled Jelly Beans and a small ziplock back (Also, a Jellybean container would work).

This prank is hilarious and simple. Dump the Bean Boozled Jellybeans in a bag. Offer your victim a few. When they eat some, they will spit it out and look like they are about to puke!!

Image result for jelly beans


Orajel on Tooth Brush

What you need: Toothbrush and Orajel.

If you have a little sis or bro, the prank is great. Tell them that you will get their toothbrush and put toothpaste on it. Put the Orajel on. Watch the confused look on their face because their teeth are numb!!

Credits to Jots by John who told me this prank!!

Image result for toothbrush

Plastic Wrap Toilet

What you need: Plastic wrap, invisible tape, scissors, and a toilet.

Go to you victims bathroom and open up the toilet seat. Put on the plastic wrap and tape it. When your victim goes to the bathroom, funny results will occur.

Image result for plastic wrap toilet


What you need: Black or brown marker and toilet paper.

Go to your victim’s bathroom and take out your markers. Color a spider on both sides so it looks like a real one. Hide and watch their reaction.

Credits to littlemissspider who told me this prank.

Image result for fake spider

I hope you guys enjoyed these pranks! If you know some pranks, please put them in the comments. I may do a part 3 if I get enough.

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