Rancho Las Lomas

We went to Rancho Las Lomas yesterday (4/12/18). It was very pretty, and there were lots of cool animals there. Rancho Los Lomas is a zoo and a wedding place. Hmmm…..well I wouldn’t exactly say a zoo, but there were lots of animals there.

At the Amazon Parrot’s cage.

Happily, we met in the dirt parking lot and went down into the “courtyard” where we waited for more people. Before the tour, we went to a telephone booth. Finally, everyone arrived.

Our first stop was the crazy macaw. He made so much noise, and it was, sadly,  very annoying. The macaw was pretty, though. One thing to consider before you get a pet macaw: it lives 80 to 100 years. Will you commit to that? When we were walking to our next stop, I told my mom I did not want a pet macaw.

Our second stop, which was the Amazon Parrot, wasn’t super noisy. Although they were smaller than the macaw, they are much more aggressive. I liked the green color of it, though.

Next, we saw a cockatoo. It had a pale pink head and was white. It was a very pretty bird. We learned that when it eats, it holds its food in its claws and nibbles it.

After that, we saw the smallest species of zebras. They smelled like horses but were cute. We learned they all had black and white stripes to blend in with each other. It would look like a big black and white blob to the lions so they wouldn’t know which to pick. They wouldn’t just run into the herd because that would be very risky.

zebras great shot
Aren’t they cute?

Our fifth stop was the Red Fox. They were the cutest! When they ran around chasing each other, everybody thought it was so adorable. As you know, foxes used to be my favorite animal but are now my second favorite. I learned something cool: red foxes aren’t always red. The reason why they’re called red foxes is when their fur was traded,  most buyers preferred red pelts.

Our second to last stop was the White Bengal tiger. Did you know if a mama tiger gives birth to a white cub, she will abandon it? The reason is it won’t blend in. That would be very dangerous for her other cubs.

white tiger holt

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. It’s the last stop! We went to the American crow. Now I guess you’re all thinking, “A crow. Really? Why do I want to see a dumb crow?” That’s what I thought, but they turned out to be very interesting. Maybe the most interesting of all the animals. Turns out, crows are the smartest birds. They can’t crack a nut with their beaks, but they’ll drop it in the middle of the street and wait to go on the crosswalk to get it. If you’re ever walking in the crosswalk and, there’s a crow walking with you, just know he is going to get his nut.



As you can see, I had a fun, and interesting day. But, is this the end of the post? NO. I have a little more.

After the whole tour, we went to a little house and the place that they have  weddings. That little house was so cute and fun. I wish it was mine. There were lots of pretty trees, bushes and flowers….well just plants. So that was that.

lol. I look so wierd in this pic.

Rancho Las Lomas is a great place, but I have one more thing to tell you about the day. After that, we went to sailing, but we couldn’t sail because the wind was to strong.

So, that was my crazy adventure! Thanks.

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