Q&A: Me Part 2!!!

You guys asked for it, and you guys got it. We received enough questions on Q&A: Me!!! to do another post. I also want to tell you two things.

  1. WE’RE ALMOST TO 50 FOLLOWERS, SO LET’S REACH IT! Tell your friends and family to follow me. Oh, and when we get it, I may have a giveaway.
  2. I’m sorry that our site has been going through some changes. I just got the “personal” plan and have been trying different themes.

So now let’s do the Q&A.

Q: What is your favorite MLB team, and who is your favorite baseball player? This question was from Mr. Poke E Mon.

A: The Angels are my favorite…..and favorite player….hmmm…..Shohei Ohtani. Well, also Mike Trout and Albert Pujols.

Q: Who is your favorite Star Wars character, and who is your least favorite one? This question was from Snoke Vader III. 

A. My favorites are Luke Skywalker and Rey (Last name unknown). My least favorites are Rose and Snoke.

Q: Why did you start this blog.

A: I started this blog because I was in a blogging class at my homeschool co-op. My mom taught the class. 🙂

Q: What is your favorite song?

A: “Radioactive” and “Believer” by Imagine Dragons.

Q: What is your favorite subject, and what is your least favorite?

A: My favorites are writing and reading. But the writing has to be creative writing. My least favorites are IEW and math.

I hope you guys enjoyed my post and learned more about me. My Button Swap is open! If you have any more questions I will put them on this post and update it. Thanks! ❤

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