My 100th Post: Sailing Regatta

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Today I have a post that I really want to share, so here I am. It’s about my sailing regatta! If you don’t know what a regatta is, it’s a race. Oh, and this is my 100th post. Woo-Hoo!  One more announcement: the giveaway closes tomorrow.  Now, let’s read about the regatta.

I just tacked, so I’m switching hands.

When we arrived, everyone was just lingering around. I got my course chart and helped rig the Sabots. Next, we had our skippers’ meeting. They told us what buoys were which, and I went to rig my Tera. John and Sarah went to rig their Expo. We headed out to the start line and sailed around. Finally, fleet A started their race. Next came fleet B. Then, finally, my fleet, fleet C, started. We raced to X mark, L mark, and then finish. After that, we sailed to the East Beach dock and had a break.



It was very hot, so we stopped at the water fountain. After that, most of the Juniors sat under a tree. We all ate Deagen’s lunch. Then, we headed back out. We had another race with the same course, and the last course was X-L-X and then finish.


We sailed in and went into the club room. There was a chili cook-off. Eleven people brought chili. While everyone was eating, all the juniors went downstairs and outside. We played hide-and-seek and cops and robbers. Finally, we were called up for the race results. They did the results for C fleet first. That was my fleet. Third place went to Ryan. Second place went to Deagen, and the first place went to…..drumroll, please….Griffin. I got fourth place, so I was pretty close. Anyway, all those boys are older than me. After the results, we hopped in the car and headed home. Oh, and we played video games.

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