Secrets of the Manor: Beth’s Story 1914

Secrets of the Manor is a historical fiction book. It is very exciting, and is a mystery series.

Beth lives in England in a mansion. She is almost twelve. Beth loves adventures. Her ladies made, Shannon help her. She has no siblings, but she has a mother and father.

The next day is Beth’s birthday! She is super nervous. Sadly, he ladies made Gladys has to leave. Shannon takes her place. Her cousin Gabby comes, but is very different than last time she saw her. She wants to be called Gabrielle, and is very into fashion. She acts haughty. Then, her locket goes missing!

The book is really good, and I’ve read the whole series. I do wish the book’s were a little bigger, but other than that it was great. They’re super exciting, and I can’t stop turning the pages.

I would recommend this book for second to 5th grade. I would give it 4 ⅘ stars.