Carnival Cruise to Mexico: Part 1

I  went on my first cruise last week to Mexico on the Carnival Splendor.

Day 1:

On the first day, we left our house around 10:30 and drove to the port. It was big, and we had to wait in a LOOOONG line. Finally, we made it on!!!! Phew. We found our grandparents and ate. The ship had sooooooo much food.

Always a selfie.

After that, we went to the mini golf. It was fun, and my brother LOVED it. We also explored the ship because I’ve never been on a cruise nevertheless this ship, Carnival Splendor. We went to our tiny cabin. It had to bunk beds and a puny bathroom (:/…..). It was cozy, though.

Day 2:

I woke up in the puny cabin, got dressed, and walked around Lido. Lido is the 9th deck, and my cabin was on the 8th. Lido is also the deck with most of the food. I went to the stern (the back), and saw dolphins swimming in our wake!!!!!! THEY WERE SOOOOO CUTE! After we ate breakfast, my sister and I want on the water slide. It was fun and fast. In the evening, we went to formal night in the dining room. After that, we went to an AMAZING show in the Spectacular Lounge/Theater. The show was called Epic Rock and had dancing and singing. Then, I went to my cabin and slept.


Day 1 and Day 2 were AWESOME!

Make sure to stay tuned for more cruise posts!

hot dogs

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