New England Trip: Travel Days

I just got back from my trip to New England. Here are my two travels days!

Day 1 (6/19/18):

We woke up at 2:44 in the morning! It was bad. We were in bed for about 15 minutes and then ate breakfast. We left our house at 3:30 and drove to LAX! We arrived around 4:20 AM. After that, we checked in our bags and went through security. I was very tired. We finally took off. When we reached Baltimore, we couldn’t land because of the weather. We didn’t have enough fuel to keep circling so we went to the Pittsburgh airport to get some. We were there for about an hour! Finally, we made it to Baltimore, and what was a 3-hour layover turned into a 45 minute one! We caught our flight and finally made it to Providence. YAY!

Image result for airplane southwest

Day 8 (6/27/18):

Now it’s our last day. The day you feel happy and sad. You’re sad to not be on vacation but happy to get home. So, we boarded at 4:25 PM EST, and got to Baltimore around 6:00 PM CST. We arrived in LA at about 9:00 PM PST. We were so tired and didn’t get back to our house until MIDNIGHT! WHAAAAA!!!!

Make sure to stay tuned for more New England Posts!