New England Trip: Herreshoff Museum

On day 2, we went to the Herreshoff (Pronounced Her-Zoff) Museum. The Herreshoff brothers were yacht builders for many boats in the America’s Cup races. It had many sailboats. We started off with a little history. John Herreshoff, who was the mastermind behind all of it, was blind. His brother helped him.

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After that, we went into 3 sailboats! They were super cool. I think I liked the first one the most. It was still furnished and the biggest. I still loved the other two, though.



After that, we explored a little and watched a movie about the Herreshoff’s company. When we watched it, I understood more about what our tour guide was talking about.

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After the tour, we went to our grandparents’ house and ate burgers, hotdogs, and sausages.


It was a super fun day!

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