About Kate:

Hi Guys! My name is Kate. I am a home-schooler who lives in southern California.

I am a sailor, and my main boat to sail is and RS Tera.

My Favorite Color is Blue, and my favorite food is potatoes. You will usually find me sailing or at the beach, so I’m kinda a mermaid!

I am 10-soon-to-be-11, and love to play video games, scooter, sail, draw, and run around. I have a pet guinea pig named Piglet!

Cya around,

Kate ❤ 🙂


About the Blog:

Hello everyone! On this lil’ page I’m gonna tell you what I will be posting on my blog.

  • Sailing
  • Cooking
  • D.I.Y.’s
  • Vacations
  • Field Trips
  • Adventures
  • and other Random stuff!

If I have an error on my site, just shoot me a comment or contact me. Don’t forget to follow, and like!



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