Secrets of the Manor: Beth’s Story 1914

Secrets of the Manor is a historical fiction book. It is very exciting, and is a mystery series.

Beth lives in England in a mansion. She is almost twelve. Beth loves adventures. Her ladies made, Shannon help her. She has no siblings, but she has a mother and father.

The next day is Beth’s birthday! She is super nervous. Sadly, he ladies made Gladys has to leave. Shannon takes her place. Her cousin Gabby comes, but is very different than last time she saw her. She wants to be called Gabrielle, and is very into fashion. She acts haughty. Then, her locket goes missing!

The book is really good, and I’ve read the whole series. I do wish the book’s were a little bigger, but other than that it was great. They’re super exciting, and I can’t stop turning the pages.

I would recommend this book for second to 5th grade. I would give it 4 ⅘ stars.

D.I.Y. Feather Pen and Cute Box

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It’s Kate back again. Today, I’m going to do a D.I.Y. that is awesome. I have never done a D.I.Y. post, but I have decided to do one. Now, here are 3 things I have to say:

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  3. D.I.Y. means: Do It Yourself.

SO…. let’s do the D.I.Y.

Feather Pen

Supplies: Cute tape, a pen with a lid, feathers

With this craft, you turn a plain pen into a fancy pen.


  1. Take the pen cap off the pen.
  2. Put the bottom of the feathers about an inch below the top of the pen.
  3. Wrap tape around it. You may want to ask someone for help with that.
  4. Wrap the tape all the way down very tight so it looks good. You can do different colors and designs of tape.
  5. Once you reach the “valley” part of the pen, (3/4 of an inch before the point), rip the tape.
  6. Since you’ve finished the pen, it’s time to do the cap. All you do is wrap tape around it.

So that was the pen.

DIY Feather Pen
It should look something like this.

Cute Box

Supplies: Empty Altoid box, cute tape

This craft is close to the one we just did. It is good for storing jewelry, coins, hairbands, and small things.


  1. Pick a tape, and wrap it around the edges of the lid. Make sure not to get it on the bottom part.
  2. Put tape around the bottom part of the box.
  3. Put tape on the top of the box to cover the Altoids symbol.

And now you have your box.

This is what the box should turn out like.

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Game Review: Roblox

I love Roblox and am excited to review it.

What’s really cool about this game is that it’s super fun and free. You can even make your own game and let people play it. They have thousands, maybe millions of games created by kids mostly. Here are the main elements on Roblox.

  • Friends

You can send friend requests to people. They can decline or accept. If they are playing, you can easily join their game. There is also a chat for you and your friends. For security measures, they resrict numbers, names, etc.

Screenshot (2)

  • Games

Like I said, Roblox has so many games. My favorite, which is MeepCity, is soooo fun. You can search games you want to play. The most popular are Jail Break, MeepCity, and Fashion Famous. There are many more, and you can make your own.

Screenshot (4)

  • Avatar

Awesomly, with Roblox there are endless choices to customize your avatar. Most things cost Robux, which cost REAL money, but you can find some cute things that are free! I have Robux.

Screenshot (5)

  • Robux

Robux are useful, and you can use them on a lot of stuff. Like I said in the avatar part, most things cost robux. Robux cost real money, but you can use them on V.I.P. for games and much more. I am part of the Builder’s Club, that cost money, but it gives you 15 Robux a day.

Screenshot (6)

As you can see, I love Roblox, and I recommend it.


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