Game Review: Roblox

I love Roblox and am excited to review it.

What’s really cool about this game is that it’s super fun and free. You can even make your own game and let people play it. They have thousands, maybe millions of games created by kids mostly. Here are the main elements on Roblox.

  • Friends

You can send friend requests to people. They can decline or accept. If they are playing, you can easily join their game. There is also a chat for you and your friends. For security measures, they resrict numbers, names, etc.

Screenshot (2)

  • Games

Like I said, Roblox has so many games. My favorite, which is MeepCity, is soooo fun. You can search games you want to play. The most popular are Jail Break, MeepCity, and Fashion Famous. There are many more, and you can make your own.

Screenshot (4)

  • Avatar

Awesomly, with Roblox there are endless choices to customize your avatar. Most things cost Robux, which cost REAL money, but you can find some cute things that are free! I have Robux.

Screenshot (5)

  • Robux

Robux are useful, and you can use them on a lot of stuff. Like I said in the avatar part, most things cost robux. Robux cost real money, but you can use them on V.I.P. for games and much more. I am part of the Builder’s Club, that cost money, but it gives you 15 Robux a day.

Screenshot (6)

As you can see, I love Roblox, and I recommend it.


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Game Review: is a very fun game. Here are the steps to get to it.

  1. Search
  2. Put in your nickname, if you like.
  3. Click the play button and have fun.

Screenshot 2017-05-10 at 8.51.59 AM

Okay, now you know what to do. This is how you play.

  1. Eat the little glowing dots.
  2. To get killed, your head has to touch the body of another snake.
  3. Every time you eat a dot, you will get bigger.
  4. To run, hold down or click space.
  5. Try to run in front of people to kill them.
  6. When you kill snakes, they will leave huge dots. Eat those quickly before anybody else does.
  7. On your screen, there will be a little circle with a dots on it. The biggest dot is you.


Screenshot 2017-05-10 at 8.53.18 AM
Do you see those big yellow dots? Those are the best to eat. They make you huge.


Tips and tricks for

  1. Always be cautious.
  2. Try to collect big dots as much a possible.
  3. Run ahead of snakes to kill them.
  4. Always try to stay out of coils.
  5. Try to coil snakes once you are big enough.

Screenshot 2017-05-10 at 5.10.40 PM

If you see someone named Artemis or Hope on, it is probably me. Thanks and I hope you play!!!

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My Minecraft World

My Minecraft World

My brother and I are making a really cool Minecraft world.


We have a huge house, a farm full of animals, a garden, a roller coaster, and a fun path.

A fun path is a path that leads to different things such as a Nether Portal, a glass overnight shelter, and a rich stop. Our world is in pocket addition, but my brother did connect to it on his PC.

We are going to make more things such as an old temple, a flag of our world, and some crops. We are using a flat world so we can build everything easily. We will try to invite our friends such as Britton, Asher, Russel, and Siena. John’s room is very cool, it has a lookout point for mobs. We will change this world into Survival once everything is ready.

I think this Minecraft world is progressing quickly and it is super fun to play on.