Here I will just be posting random pictures. It could be pics I took,  pics that I like, or that I found online. This is a collab with my sister, Sarah. She will be my model for a lot of my pics. I will be posting pics from most recent to oldest. Thx ❤

Apr. 22 2018

Cool Pink Flowers
I ❤ this pic so much. It’s my fav! There’s even an ant in it. “Yea Kate. Why did I have to be in it?” says the ant.
2018-04-21 15.48.38
This was a cool one.
2018-04-21 15.50.39
“Say Cheese!” I say. “Cheese,” the little kids say.
2018-04-21 15.34.17
I need to check the mail.
2018-04-21 15.30.41
My favorite flower along with jasmines and plumeria.
2018-04-21 15.35.04
I really like that shade of purple.


Sneak peek on my new post that’s coming out. This is what it’s called. Maybe you’ll get an idea on what’s it about.
Kate & Light
Oh yea! My basketball trophy!

Apr. 21 2018

“Oh say can you see by  the dawns early light” 
Light Bulb (10)
Is this cool or what?


Apr. 20 2018


All the photos from today will be kinda blurry because I took them on my Mom’s Phone.
Flower 3
Pretty Baby Rose! ❤
Flower 2
Pretty Rose! I like the color.
Little Purple Flowers! 🙂

Apr. 19 2018

2018-04-12 13.23.22
Bench and Sarah!
2018-04-12 13.03.52
Weird and Cool bug.
2018-04-12 12.58.02
Britt and Natalia.
2018-04-12 12.46.32
White Bengal Tiger!







2018-04-12 12.25.43
Weird Tiger Statue





2018-04-08 18.32.55
It’s a little blurry but I really like the flowers.




Apr. 8 2018

2018-04-07 18.52.00
Photography done by 🙂 me with flowers
2018-04-07 18.47.41
lil’ white flowers. ❤
2018-04-07 19.13.35
Cute foster pups at my friend’s house! 🙂 SO CUTE!! ❤
2018-04-07 19.10.12
Look how small they are. They are soooo cute. ❤ They’re eating Sarah! LOL





2018-04-07 18.50.16
Sarah sniffing the rose.





Apr. 7 2018

2018-04-07 15.27.07
At Pelican Hill!
2018-04-07 13.13.44
Handsome Eagle Owl.
2018-04-07 13.06.38
Ooh Berries.
2018-04-07 07.32.19
I can float in air. HAHA
2018-04-07 13.04.21
Cool Pot
2018-04-07 07.31.40
These smell good.
2018-04-07 07.22.19
How do you like my necklace?
2018-04-06 16.43.54
Interesting Flower.
2018-04-06 16.43.43
Gorgeous view! ❤
2018-04-06 16.43.20
Spring flowers are here 🙂
2018-04-06 16.37.54
Nice Purple.
2018-04-06 16.36.10
Photography done by 🙂

























2017-10-30 19.17.21
Hi Sarah!









Apr. 6 2018

Pretty Blue
Pretty flower pic I found online.



Image result for rattlesnake
Look at this guy! I found it online.
Golden Gate Family pic
That is not a picture in the background. It’s the real Golden Gate Bridge!



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