My Favorite Book Series!!

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I love books! My favorite thing to do is read. I will review some of my most recent, favorite series.


Whatever After:

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Whatever After is an entertaining, modern-day fairy tale series. There are ten books in it written by Sarah Mlynowski. I would recommend for 3rd-5th grade.


In the series, Jonah and Abby have a magic mirror. They go into different fairy tales and usually mess them up. They always help the princesses and bring them to their true destinies.

Whatever After is a great series, and I would definitely recommend it.

Secrets of the Manor:

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Secrets of the Manor is a historical fiction book series. I have read all 8 books in the series. I would recommend it for 3rd-5th grade.


In each book, a girl lives in a manor. Most of them are wealthy, and their parents own the manor. However, some are servants. All of the books are mysteries as they find out who is stealing, or they even find their long lost sister. All of the books are great!

I love Secrets of the Manor, and I  definitely recommend it.

The City of Ember:

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The City of Ember is a riveting science fiction series! It has 4 books. I would recommend it for 4th-7th grade.


In 3 books ( The City of Ember 1#, The People of Sparks 2#, The Diamond of the Darkhold), Lina and Doon have adventures after “The Disaster”. The City of Yonwood (3#) is before “The Disaster”.

The series of Ember is a fast-paced adventure series.

Maisie Hitchens:

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Maisie Hitchins is a mystery series. I would say it would be for 3rd- 4th grade.


Twelve-year-old Maisie Hitchins solves mysteries in every book. I have read 6 of them.

Ivy + Bean:


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Ivy + Bean is a hilarious series. I would recommend it for 2nd – 5th grade.



Ivy and Bean do lots of funny things together. They start their own summer camp, and they even make a newspaper!


Mermaid Tales:


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Mermaid Tales is an aquatic adventure series I would recommend it for 2nd – 3rd grade.



In each book, Pearl, Kiki, Shelly, and/or Echo go on an adventure.


American Girl, Grace:

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Grace was the 2015 American girl. I would recommend this series for 4th – 6th grade.



Grace starts her own business with her own friends. It almost falls apart!

Also, please tell me your favorite series/books in the comments below. I love books and hope these will help.

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