My Willy Wonka Christmas Gifts

My Uncle Ryan gave me a ton of great Willy Wonka stuff for Christmas. I really love the movie so it was a great gift. You should watch it! Please comment and tell me which gift would be your favorite.


He gave us Snozzberry Soda which was supposed to be a Fizzy Lifting Drink. Of course, you can’t make a fizzy lifting drink, but it was labeled that. Also, a Fudge Mallow, a Wonka Scumdidaliouptious, and a normal Wonka Bar. The Wonka Bar is the bar with the golden ticket. He also gave us a plastic Everlasting Gobstopper and Lickable Wallpaper. He even gave us a contract, a golden ticket, and a book. The book was funny because it was about him and I going to the chocolate factory.


Of course, I drank my soda and ate some of my chocolate. I think my favorite one was the Fudge Mallow. My uncle hired artists to draw the wrappers, and he made the candy. They looked like the candy from the movie. He also made blueberry gum which was yummy!


I really loved the Christmas gift! Thank you, Uncle Ryan!

Christmas in the South

We spent Christmas in Lousiana. Waking up early, we started to open presents. First, we checked our stockings.

I got tons of sweets, necklaces, and toys. Then, we opened Grandma and Grandad’s presents. I received Nerf guns, clothes, jewelry and more!

On Christmas Eve, we opened our presents from our great grandfather. We got $100!! Also, our uncle gave us a ten dollar gift card to Amazon! Additionally, we got fifty dollars from our great uncle and aunt! The Christmas party was very fun! There was even CHERRY CHESSCAKE!!!! (Yum!) After the party, we played with all the toys we had received. We had a great Christmas!!!!!