The Planetarium

We arrived at the Tessman Planetarium and discovered to be the first ones for our weekly field trip.

Fifteen minutes later, our friends came. I took pictures of some of the frames and toys.

quote-plutarch Then all of us walked inside to see the show.  We learned about many things including:

  • A Buzz  Lightyear toy stayed in the space station for a year.
  •  An astronaut  stayed in the International Space Station for a year. His brother sent him a gorilla suit for Halloween.
  • The biggest volcano in the solar system,  Olympus Mons ,  is 26 km (16 mi) high. It is located on planet Mars, the 4th planet in the Solar System.

We learned about so many things and asked so many questions. After our field trip, we went to Taco Bell with our friends for lunch. We had such a good time. 

With our group and Dr. Eastman