My Minecraft World

My brother and I are making a really cool Minecraft world.


We have a huge house, a farm full of animals, a garden, a roller coaster, and a fun path.

A fun path is a path that leads to different things such as a Nether Portal, a glass overnight shelter, and a rich stop. Our world is in pocket addition, but my brother did connect to it on his PC.

We are going to make more things such as an old temple, a flag of our world, and some crops. We are using a flat world so we can build everything easily. We will try to invite our friends such as Britton, Asher, Russel, and Siena. John’s room is very cool, it has a lookout point for mobs. We will change this world into Survival once everything is ready.

I think this Minecraft world is progressing quickly and it is super fun to play on.