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Lightning hitting the earth

We had a rare lightning storm by our house in Southern California this morning. Lightning is basically an electric  storm. There is a difference between lightning and thunder.

Lightning is the great electric flash that goes through the sky. Thunder is the rumble that you hear after lightning. Since light travels faster than sound, you hear thunder after the lightning strikes the earth.

If you want to know how many miles away thunder is, count the seconds of thunder and then divide it by 5. That is how many miles away thunder is. (Example: 9 seconds of thunder = thunder is 1.8 miles away.) In every lightning flash, there are 100 bolts. Eighty million car batteries equal 1 lightning bolt.

Image result for public domain images lightning
Huge lightning bolt.

 Click here for a rare lightning storm at my house.

Lightning strikes the U.S.A about 25 million times a year. Lightning is hotter than the sun. (Click here to see what Google has to say about it.) A lightning bolt is about 53,540 degrees Fahrenheit or 30,000 kelvins. The sun is about 10,340 degrees Fahrenheit or 6,000 kelvins.

Click here for some more information from National Geographic Kids about lightning.

We were excited to wake up this morning and go outside to see the lightning storm!

Lightning is very awesome.