Welcome to CommuniKate!!

  Call me CommuniKate. My favorite color is blue. My favorite animal is a snake, and my favorite food is potatoes. I like to read, experience nature, play video games, sail, and play with my friends and siblings, and take pictures. I love snakes, singing, reading, and candy. I am aĀ beginning photographer, and a gamer.... Continue Reading →

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D.I.Y. Feather Pen and Cute Box

šŸ™‚ hey guys! šŸ™‚ It's Kate back again. Today, I'm going to do a D.I.Y. that is awesome. I have never done a D.I.Y. post, but I have decided to do one. Now, here are 3 things I have to say: WE'RE ALMOST TO 50 FOLLOWERS. PLEASE FOLLOW ME. If you don't I will die.(Maybe... Continue Reading →

Q&A: Me Part 2!!!

You guys asked for it, and you guys got it. We received enough questions on Q&A: Me!!! to do another post. I also want to tell you two things. WE'RE ALMOST TO 50 FOLLOWERS, SO LET'S REACH IT! Tell your friends and family to follow me. Oh, and when we get it, I may have... Continue Reading →

Easy Buttercream Icing

I'm back! Today, I'm going to write a post on a topic I've never done--a recipe. It's easy buttercream icing! I make this sometimes and love it. It is delicious! Serving 12 people, itĀ  takesĀ 10 minutes to make. This icing has ingredients that most everybody has at their house. Ingredients: 3Ā cups of powdered sugar 1/3Ā cup... Continue Reading →

Rancho Las Lomas

We went to Rancho Las Lomas yesterday (4/12/18). It was very pretty, and there were lots of cool animals there. Rancho Los Lomas is a zoo and a wedding place. Hmmm.....well I wouldn't exactly say a zoo, but there were lots of animals there. Happily, we met in the dirt parking lot and went down... Continue Reading →

More Pranks

April Fool's passed a couple day ago, but read this, and you'll be prepared for the next one. Jelly Beans are Gross What you need: Bean Boozled Jelly Beans and a small ziplockĀ back (Also, a Jellybean containerĀ would work). This prank is hilarious and simple. Dump the Bean Boozled Jellybeans in a bag. Offer your victim... Continue Reading →

Q&A: Me!!!

Hey Guys! It's Kate back again. Today I'm going to do a post about me--a Q&A. If you have any questions, pleaseĀ  put them in the comments. If I get 3 or more, I will do a part 2.Ā  I have an About page with questions like this, though I want to go into more... Continue Reading →

The Christmas Adventure

This is a story I wrote when I was 7. You know Frosty and Crystal? Well, they had a son, and this is where the adventure begins! One day, they went on a walk through the woods. They all fell asleep and slept walked together. Then, all the sudden they woke up! They were melting!... Continue Reading →

My Sailing Regatta

On Sunday, I sailed in a regatta. What's a regatta? It's a sailboat race. In the regatta, I sailed an RS Tera. Those are my favorite sailboats. So, now let me tell you about the regatta.   We rigged our boatsĀ and waited a while for the other people to rig. Rigging is when you hoist... Continue Reading →

Game Review: Roblox

I love Roblox and am excited to review it. What's really cool about this game is that it's super fun and free. You can even make your own game and let people play it. They have thousands, maybe millions of games created by kids mostly. Here are the main elements on Roblox. Friends You can... Continue Reading →

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